You can’t hide from Harlee Civil Process.

Today we received an odd call for service on a deadbeat mom. We were given the details by the client and proceeded for service. I immediately thought this would be a hostile service in the Killeen, TX area.

I immediately printed the papers and set this out for priority service. As I pulled up I ran the tags to the vehicle that was parked in the driveway and ran a homeowners report to see who owned this property. BINGO! They both matched up to the person I was serving. Now, feeling a bit more confident that I was at the right address, I endorsed the papers to be served and put them in my back pocket. As I approached the front door and rang the doorbell, a woman yelled from inside the home “PIZZA?!?!?!”,  me being me I screamed back “PIZZA!”. The woman opened the door, and I immediately asked – “Susan Smith!?!? Did you order a pizza ma’am?” in which she responded “Yes, I am Susan Smith, now where is my pizza?:” I kindly responded “You’ve been served  Susan, I’m sure your pizza should be here within the next 30 mins or so or its free right?”

Another successful service.