Don’t Bother Avoiding Process Servers

Many people think they can avoid a lawsuit by avoiding a process server. After all, a lawsuit can’t officially commence until the defendant has been given proper notice.

Unfortunately, many people are wrong. The law knows these tricks and has made provisions for those difficult to serve defendants. Just because you avoid a process server, it doesn’t mean you can’t be served and sued. It just means the plaintiff has to opt for Plan B or C.

Before we get to these two plans, let’s talk about personal service. Personal service is when a process server personally hands a summons and complaint to a defendant. This is the best option for service, and most states require that it be attempted a handful of times before a plaintiff turns to Plan B or C.

There is also a common misconception associated with personal service. Some believe that the papers must touch them or that they must sign an acknowledgement of receipt. This is generally wrong. If the process server says, “George Smith, you’ve been served” and then drops the papers in front of you, then you’ve probably been served.

If you’re so good at avoiding process servers that they can’t even get to this point, you’re unfortunately still not good enough. Eventually, a plaintiff can turn to Plan B. Plan B usually includes:

  1. Leaving court papers at the defendant’s home or business with a competent adult; and/or
  2. Mailing a copy of the summons and complaint via certified mail to the defendant’s home or business.

You can’t really avoid either of these, can you? And if you can, enter Plan C. In really difficult situations, a judge will grant the plaintiff permission to serve you via publication. This involves taking out ads in local newspapers, which is kind of embarrassing. Plus, you don’t even have to see the ad to be sued.

Basically, avoiding process servers can be a pretty big waste of time and effort. Sure, you may be able to delay the lawsuit for a few weeks or months, but in the end, you’re still going to be sued.


Process Servers in Killeen Texas

Before you commit to hiring a process server in Killeen, TX there are a few things you should do to make sure the person is going to be able to perform process serving without incident. The first thing you want to check for is proper licensing, registration and insurance or bonding. In Texas, you do not necessarily need to have a process server license to perform the duty. However, if the person is process serving in Killeen, TX more than 10 times a year they do have to take a certification class. Insurance is not a requirement but it is a professional standard to at least have errors and omissions coverage.

Use the Internet to your advantage

You can use the Internet to quickly check out the reputation of a process server in Killeen, TX before you even call them for an appointment. A quick check of the state department for a history on their license or county registration will keep you from hiring someone with a lot of complaints against them. Also, look for forums where people have reviewed their experience with the process server in Killeen, TX. Bear in mind that some people use forums to complain anonymously and avoid accountability so take everything you read with a grain of salt.