Killeen Civil Process Server


Before you go out on assignment to serve papers, first find out if it is OK to sub-serve the paperwork. This means that if the named person on the legal forms is not present, it is still viable to give the papers over to another person in the household. If sub-service is allowed in that jurisdiction, this will save you the time and aggravation that will be involved with coming out again in an attempt to catch the correct person.


This week I have had to serve legal papers on two evasive people. The service of legal documents is known as process serving. Sometimes these people known as respondents are fully aware that documents are due to be served upon them and will resort to sometimes drastic measures to avoid being served.

This could be for a number of reasons, sometimes because they owe money and are avoiding the process of being hauled before a court to face the music.

Sometimes you have to be one step ahead of them to extract the truth from them or people that are protecting them. One such respondent when I asked for her by name was very defensive and swore blind that she was not the person. Already aware that she was on the defence by her body language, rather than say I had legal papers for her I told her that I had some information for her. Which was true I was not telling a lie (The information I had was that her husband had filed for divorce). This made her curious and we all know what that did to the cat. She asked what information I had for this person and that she would pass the information on.

Explaining that it was very important and that I could only relay this to the person I was seeking, the curiosity got the better of her and she explained to me that she was in fact the person I was seeking but she thought I was someone else whom she was trying to avoid. Her whole body language changed as she relaxed believing I was not the person she was avoiding only to tense up again as I served her with the papers. Working as a private investigator teaches you to read peoples body language and allows you to get that step ahead that is required to achieve the final result when working as process server in Killeen TX I have to apply these skills to the limit.